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The largest average Mid Asian Ibex exists in huge numbers of the remote regions of the Tian Shan Mtns near the China border. Being from the goat family, Ibex inhabits in the highest, steepest most un-accesible pinnacles in the world on the altitude 3500 - 4000 m (10,000 /12,500 ft. Typical of these high lands is thin air and temperatures ranging from 0 - - 20C (+30 - +15 F) during the hunting season. All wilderness Mtn sheep hunting requires good physical condition but horseback hunting offered on this hunt as well as an excellent population of Ibex allow a wide variety of hunters the best possible opportunity. There are guides, cook and helpers in camp. This by far the best hunt for the average hunter 45-60 years of age, not in 100% sheep shape. Often times it is possible to see 50 /100 Ibex per day. Comfortable accommodations, insulated trailers or traditional yurts & gers as with separate cooking & eating area. All our camps have sauna's as well. Each day you will leave camp 1x1 with your guide either horseback or jeeps. Glassing from vantage points looking for Ibex. Once a suitable trophy has been located, you will get as close as possible with your horses & then complete the stalk within shooting range on foot. Be prepared for 300-500 yd shots. You can fly direct to Bishkek via Istanbul with or stop in Moscow. From Bishkek, capital of Kirgizia, we will take you to camp by jeeps (about 8 -10 h.). Slow ascent to mountains allows your body to adapt. Trophy size varies from (45 - 55 in.). 



- airport service in Bishkek;

- auto transfers in Bishkek from airport to hotel and back;

- vehicle transportation from Bishkek to the camp and back;

- booking of air tickets and hotel rooms for the tour;

- full service on hunt 1x1;

- jeep and horses on hunt;

- guides, cook and helpers in the camp;

- interpreter;

- all documents needed for this hunt;

- accommodation and meals in hunting camp;

- 1 Ibex of any size;

- field trophy preparation and packing.

Wounded or lost game is considered a dead Animal & the appropriate Trophy Fees are due.




- booking fee (includes Government taxes);

- veterinary certificates;

- firearm permits;

- air fair on regular flights as well as luggage overweight;

- VIP-services in airports;

- hotel and meals in Bishkek;

- personal expenses, gratitude to camp staff;

- trophy shipment.


Group: 4 - 8 hunters.

Hunting area: Tian-Shan (Kirgizia): Narin, Aksai, Mudurum, Issyk-Kul lake.

Tour duration: 8 days (Bishkek/Bishkek), 5 hunting days.

Hunting season: August-November, February (November is best).

Accommodation: hunting houses with heating, sauna. Yurts with stove.

Transfer: Arrival to Bishkek via Istambul or 4 hr flight from Moscow to Bishkek (Kirgizia), then 8-10 hr by car to one of hunting camps (depending on area).