East-West        Safaris


You will experience the Awesome Pamir Mountains (Tajikistan) at the altitude of 4000 - 5000 m a.s.l. (10,500/15,500 ft) near the China border.  At this altitude maximum cardio vascular conditioning is preferred, however each year we do accommodate various age groups with physical limitations. With the use of the 4wd jeeps & known Marco Polo patterns we can provide opportunity for everyone. There are guides, doctors & cooks in camp. Depending on the time of the year, expect 6"-20" of snow.  Temperatures during the hunting season: August /September + 10 - + 20 C (+50 /+80 F), October /November + 15 - 0 C (+5/ +30 F), December + 25 - - 10 C (-15 /+15 F), February /March also + 15 - 0 C (+5/ +30F). Late November - December snow bring Rams lower for the rut & better food source. Often times it is possible to see 50 /500 sheep per day. Hunting methods vary to the client's capability.  In the morning each client hunting 1x1 with his guide & driver leaves base camp by jeep. Generally within 30 minutes of camp Sheep can be spotted.  Professional guides can say how big the Ram is from a far distance. Once Rams are located, spotting scopes determine trophy caliper.  If a Ram is located that is a worthy trophy, a stalk is planned on foot according to the clients capabilities. You have to be prepared & comfortable with 300/500 yard shots. From Osh city (Kirgizia), you will be transferred to camp by jeeps (about 8-10 hours).  Helicopters are not recommended, extreme weather conditions crossing the Mtn ranges & it is preferred to acclimatize slowly via vehicles to prevent severe altitude sickness that could occur. Trophy size vary from (52 in.- 65 in.). The largest from this area was 72".  The #1 & #2 Marco Polo in the world was taken from this camp. When you finish hunting Marco Polo we encourage you to take advantage of the World Class Ibex hunting as well.  An excellent bonus trophy. There are a lot of wolves in the area as well.



- airport service in Bishkek and Osh;

- auto transfers in Bishkek and Osh from airport to hotel and back;

- vehicle transportation from Osh to the camp and back;

- booking of air tickets and hotel rooms for the tour;

- full service on hunt 1x1;

- guides, cook and helpers in the camp;

- interpreter;

- all documents needed for this hunt;

- accommodation and meals in hunting camp;

- 1 Marco Polo of any size;

- field trophy preparation and packing.

Wounded or lost game is considered a dead Animal & the appropriate Trophy Fees are due.



- booking fee (includes Government taxes);

- Tajikistan visa support;

- CITES for Marco Polo;

- veterinary certificates;

- firearm permits;

- airfair on regular flights as well as luggage overweight;

- VIP-services in airports;

- hotel and meals in Bishkek and Osh;

- personal expenses, gratitude to camp staff;

- trophy shipment.


Group: 2 - 10 hunters (up to 5 hunters in one camp).

Hunting area: Pamir (Tajikistan): Murgab area, Balankiik, Karakul Lake.

Tour duration: 14 days (Bishkek/Bishkek), 11 hunting days.

Hunting season: August-December, January-March (November is best).

Accommodation: hunting houses with heating, sauna.

Transfer: Arrival to Bishkek via Istambul or 4 hr flight from Moscow to Bishkek (Kirgizia), then 1 hr flight Bishkek - Osh and 8-10 hr by car to one of hunting camps (depending on area).