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The Kamchatka Peninsula could be compared to what Alaska may have been like many years ago before huge populations of Man & his super-cub planes left their negative mark. Huge Brown Bears, Moose & Snow Sheep still in-habit these remote lands. Similar plant life, birds & Salmon prove that these 2 lands were joined at one time. The total lack of a human population in the remote regions assures quality hunting. Generally a much better weather pattern with less rain, fog & more high ground which permits the use of snowmobiles, horses & better walking. Cabins, tents, generators, better meals with superior nutrition over a wet pup tent & freeze dried food. Single specie & multi-specie combos are higher % of success. This game rich area can be accessed from Anchorage or Moscow. Awesome values of tourist shopping in Petro of carvings, & unique gifts. A second Bear can be added in some cases. 100% of all the Brown Bears taken have a perfect hide with no rub marks. 85% of all Bears taken in North America are rubbed. Many more bear sightings, better accommodations, better hair (No rubs). Spring Hunting in early May allows covering many miles per day via snowmobile. A 9" track in the snow equals a 10Ft Bear & worth following in the fresh snow. Large mature boars are most active this time of the year, they have just emerged from their dens & are very hungry. One of their favorite meals this time of the year are the new born cubs. Combine that with the fact that this is the mating time of the year & Mature Boars are on the prowl all day long. These same Bears are very nocturnal in the fall, most of the time they do not show up at the Salmon streams until after shooting light has passed. Every year, the largest boars are taken in the Spring. Fall bear is a great combination Trophy to combine with Kamchatka Snow Sheep in Late Aug or Sept or with Moose in Late Set or Oct. Best bears with the best coats of long hair taken in May every year; Snowmobiles allow 40-60 miles of travel per day!! Beats walking!! Large Bears tend to be nocturnal in the fall. If you seek a 9'-10fter Spring is your only logical choice.




- airport service in Moscow and Kamchatka;

- auto transfers in Moscow and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky from airport to hotel and back;

- transportation to the camp and back;

- booking of air tickets and hotel rooms for the tour;

- full service on hunt 1x1;

- guides, cook and helpers in the camp;

- interpreter;

- all documents needed for this hunt;

-� accommodation and meals in hunting camp;

-� 1 Kamchatka Bear of any size;

-� field trophy preparation and packing.

Wounded or lost game is considered a dead Animal & theappropriate Trophy Fees are due.



-� booking fee (includes visa support and Government taxes);

- CITES for Bear;

-� veterinary certificates;

-� firearm permits;

-� airfair on regular flights as well as luggage overweight;

-� hotel and meals in all cities of Russia on the rout;

-� personal expenses, gratitude to camp staff;

-� trophy shipment.�


Group:� 3 - 10 hunters (up to 5 hunters in one camp).

Hunting area: South, Central and Northern part of Kamchatka peninsula. Areas Elisovo, Sobolevo, Palana, Karaginsky, Ust-Kamchatsk, Milkovo, Tigil and others.

Tour duration: 12 days (Petropavlovsk/Petropavlovsk), 9 hunting days.

Hunting season: Spring: April, 25 � May, 25. Fall: September, 1 � October, 15.

Accommodation: Warm tents, generators, Showers, Satt Phone.

Transfer: flight from Anchorage (or via Moscow) to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, then : 7-8 hr by car and 8 hrs by ATV track or occasionally 0,5 - 1 hr by helicopter.