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The Kamchatka Peninsula could be compared to what Alaska may have been like many years ago before huge populations of Man & his super-cub planes left their negative mark. Huge Brown Bears, Giant Moose & Snow Sheep still in-habit these remote lands. Similar plant life, birds & Salmon prove that these 2 lands were joined at one time. The total lack of a human population in the remote regions assures quality hunting. Generally a much better weather pattern with less rain, fog & more high ground which permits the use of snowmobiles, horses & better walking. Cabins, tents, generators, better meals with superior nutrition over a wet pup tent & freeze dried food. Single specie & multi-specie combos are higher % of success. This game rich area can be accessed from Anchorage or Moscow. Awesome values of tourist shopping in Petro of carvings, & unique gifts. The largest Moose in the world inhabits Kamchatka peninsula. The average weight of trophy Moose horns varies from 30 to 40 kilos (75 - 100 pounds), their average length is 130-175 cm (51-69 in.).There are two periods as well as hunting methods for Moose hunt. First - hunt for Moose in rut season which is during about 2 weeks at the end of September. Our guides use special tube for Moose calling. We use horses and jeeps on this hunt for transportation. Second - hunt with using snow mobiles on the period from late November till mid December. Guide driving snow mobile with client behind in a sledge find a Moose track and follow it. Snowmobiles allow 40-60 miles of travel per day. The air temperature during the hunt is: September +10 - +20° C (+50 - +70 F), October +5 - +10° C (+25 - +50 F), November -20 - -10° C (-5 - +15 F). Bear can be added in September - October. After the hunt you can enjoy excellent fishing for different species of Kamchatka salmon, swim in natural hot springs, see famous Kamchatka Volcanoes.



- airport service in Moscow and Kamchatka;

- auto transfers in Moscow and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky from airport to hotel and back;

- transportation to the camp and back;

- booking of air tickets and hotel rooms for the tour;

- full service on hunt 1x1;

- guides, cook and helpers in the camp;

- interpreter;

- all documents needed for this hunt;

- accommodation and meals in hunting camp;

- 1 Kamchatka Moose of any size;

- field trophy preparation and packing.

Wounded or lost game is considered a dead Animal & theappropriate Trophy Fees are due.



- booking fee (includes visa support and Government taxes);

- veterinary certificates;

- firearm permits;

- air fair on regular flights as well as luggage overweight;

- hotel and meals in all cities of Russia on the rout;

- personal expenses, gratitude to camp staff;

- trophy shipment.


Group: 2 - 8 hunters (2 - 4 in one camp).

Hunting area: Central and Northern part of Kamchatka peninsula. Areas Ust-Kamchatsk, Milkovo, Tigil and others.

Tour duration: 9 days(Petropavlovsk/Petropavlovsk), 7 hunting days.

Hunting season: September, 1 - December, 15. Rut: September, 20 - October, 10. November, 25 - December, 15 - on snowmobiles.

Accommodation: Warm tents, trapper's houses.

Transfer: flight from Anchorage (or via Moscow) to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, then : 7-8 hr by car and 8 hrs by ATVtrack or occasionally 0,5 - 1 hr by helicopter.