East-West        Safaris




The Siberian Taimen belongs to the Salmon Family who always stay in fresh water as opposed to Real Salmon inhabits in salt water and comes to the rivers for spawning. We do this trip on very wild and remoted area on the river Gonam in South Yakutia. It is not easy at our time to find the area there were not so many people before you there. Our area is such place. Gonam is tributary of Uchur, Uchur is tributary of Aldan, Aldan is tributary of Lena - one of the biggest river of Central Siberia. Our fishing area is located at 550 km to the East from Neryungry city. There are 6 times zones between Moscow and Neryungry (+6 hrs with Moscow time). No any other people except our clients can reach this area because of no roads and no possibility to get there by usual motor boats. The reason is long distances and many rapids on the river. We use aerostatic crafts to get the place and for fishing. Maximum speed of the craft is 35 km/hr. It can go on any deep of the water, easy go through rapids. Each of our crafts has satellite phone on board and have constant connection with other crafts and city. There is also JPS on each board. In winter time we bring fuel by big trucks and leave it in tanks along the river bank so we have our own fuel stations in fishing area on summer season. There are lots of fish in our fishing area: Lenok (2-5 kg), Northern Pike (5-15 kg), Greyling (up to 1,5 kg) and of course the king of Siberian rivers - TAIMEN (5-25 kg). For experiences angler is not a problem to get the trophy 20-30 kg. The record of this river is Taimen 38 kg weight. That was caught by our main fishing guide Vladimir Mikheev. Taimen fishing principle is CATCH & RELEASE. All other fish we can take for cooking as much as we want. Every day we enjoy fresh fish dishes cooked on bonfire. The width of the river is from 50 to 300 m and there are many rapids, sandbars, saults, deep holes, backward waters, many small fresh streams fall following into the main river - favorite places of big taimen. You can use spinning and fly fishing both. The area were we fish is realy very wild, you can meet there different animals on the river banks - Moose, Bear, Rein Deer, Wolf, Musk Deer and others. Anglers can fish from the river bank and from aerostatic crafts. There are total 4 aerostatic crafts for clients. 1 KHIVUS-10 - for 3 anglers. 2 KHIVUS-6 - for 2 anglers each. And one KHIVUS-TRUCK to bring heavy things like fuel e.c. So total normal group size can be 7-8 anglers. This trip is for those people who want to merge with wild nature with doingall things themselves - camping, cooking, doing everything together. We don't provide a cook on this trip because each craft has limited space and weight. We do cooking together, every morning and evening we have hot meal cooked on open fire on river bank. Lunch we have on the river with sandviches, hot tea or coffee. We take with us all necessary food in the market just before the trip. We can have hot shower in hunting houses 2-3 times a week.



- tour preparing with all necessary document (fishing licences e.c.);

- all car transportations in Neryungry city and from Neryungry to the river (200 km) and back;

- meeting/seeing off in airports of Moscow and Neryungry;

- invitation for Russian visa;

- booking of tickets Moscow - Neryungry - Moscow;

- bringing all necessary for the trip quantity of fuel in winter time to fishing area;

- 3 aerostatic crafts for the group for fishing and traveling on the river (each craft has a driver-guide);

- organization of fishing 8 days;

- accommodation in tents and hunting houses;

- all necessary food and tableware for cooking;

- fishing unlimited, Taimen CATCH & RELEASE;

- guide service (1 guide per craft);

- English speaking representative of East-West Safaris during all trip from/to Moscow.



- Helicopter MI-8 transportation - 1 hr 40 min flight from Neryungry to the main camp (550 km).


TOUR DURATION: 12 days from/to Moscow, 8 fishing days.

FISHING REGION: Yakutia, Neryungry region, the river Gonam,

FISHING SEASON: May 15 - June 25 (the best time), August 1 - September 20. The weather at this time is more stable, not so many mosquitoes. July is not good time because snow in the mountains surrounded the area begin active melting and water became muddy.

ACCOMMODATION: base camp (wooden houses) on first and last day with sauna, tents, hunting houses.

TRANSFER: regular flight Moscow - Neryungry 6 hrs (2 times a week), then 200 km by car to river Gonam, then 350 km to the base camp by aerostatic crafts.

GROUP SIZE: 7-8 anglers + one EAST-WEST SAFARIS representative.   



1 day - depart from Moscow by evening flight to Neryungry.

2 day - arrival to Neryungry city in the morning, food shopping for the trip, driving 200 km to the river   Gonam (approx 4 hrs), boarding to aerostatic crafts and going to the main camp (approx 10-12 hrs). It can go at night time.

3-10 days - fishing for Taimen and other species.

11 day - transfer to Neryungry, overnight in hotel.

12 day - flight to Moscow, flight home.