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Bear "In The Den" hunt is conducted in winter. It is very old traditional Russial stile hunt. Local guides exactly know the place where the den is. They locate dens far in advance, in late fall, when bear just gets in there. Usually guides know how big the bear is. Bear tracks tell them much about it. It isn't difficult to get to the den area. At first hunters drive there, then go with snow mobile (be prepared for long rides in sled), final 500 -800 m are made on foot. When hunters get close to the den the guides send a dog towards it. It is a climax of the hunt - lots of noise, dogs barking, bear roaring, fighting with dogs. At that second bear gets at the hunter's sight. Shot. Sometimes two bears can be found in one den and a hunter has to be prepared. Though the hunt is not dangerous, hunter is always secured by the EXPERIENCED GUIDE at the back, with loaded gun. It makes everything quite safe. On this hunt you will be fascinated by gorgeous beauty of winter forest covered with snow, drive snow mobile just for fun. Air temperature at this time is -10 - -15 C (+5 - +15 F). If your hunt is over till January 15, you can hunt moose and wild boars as well. After the hunt you can visit local places of interest, learn national culture and folk-lore, enjoy Russian cuisine and Russian hospitality.



- airport service in Moscow and other city of arrival in Russia;

- auto transfers in Moscow from airport to hotel and back;

- transportation to the camp and back;

- booking of air tickets and hotel rooms for the tour;

- jeep and snowmobiles during the hunt;

- trained hunting dogs;

- full service on hunt 1x1;

- guides, cook and helpers in the camp;

- interpreter;

- all documents needed for this hunt;

- accommodation and meals in hunting camp;

- 1 Bear of any size;

- field trophy preparation and packing.

Wounded or lost game is considered a dead Animal & theappropriate Trophy Fees are due.



-� booking fee (includes visa support and Government taxes);

- CITES for Bear;

- veterinary certificates;

- firearm permits;

- airfair on regular flights as well as luggage overweight;

- hotel and meals in all cities of Russia on the rout;

- personal expenses, gratitude to camp staff;

- trophy shipment.


Group: 2 - 5 hunters.

Hunting area: Tver, Vologda, Yaroslavl, Arkhangelsk, Kirov, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk and others.

Tour duration: 6 days (Moscow/Moscow), 4 hunting days.

Hunting season: December - February, 28.

Accommodation: hunting loges, trapper houses.

Transfer: from Moscow 5-7 hr by car or night by train (or 2 - 2,5 hrs flight), then 2-4 hr by car to the camp. If the hunt is organized in Irkutsk you need 5 hr flight to Irkutsk.