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Russia is a country with tremendous hunting possibilities. Like many other countries, Russia has a huge number of hunting companies offering many different hunting trips. Some hunting agencies are better than others. Each year new ones surface, most are hunting agencies that offer a wide range of services on the Russian hunting market. It can be very challenging for the international hunter to choose the correct outfitter in Russia. All hunters want to get the dream trophy, take it home without any damage and have the correct export documents without having to unexpectedly spend a large amount of money on their trip. It's quite common for hunting agents who sell tours in Russia (big fancy ads in outdoor magazines) to cooperate with the same outfitter but offer different prices. Usually bigger companies fix higher prices but it doesn't necessarily guarantee a proper service level and the best result that are expected by the client. It can be explained very easily: big companies attract a large number of clients and do not care about details very much. If you were to research the level of satisfaction you would be surprised to find about a 60 % rate of satisfaction in all aspects of the hunts, why not go for the 100 %?

When a client chooses Russia as a hunting destination, it's especially important to pay attention to the details for preparation and planning of a hunting tour. My basic principle is to pay attention to all the details regarding the future trip and not to allow problems within my control arise and spoil the final result. I have more than 25 years hunting experience and I have my own winning formula. I organize as many hunting trips a year as I can personally control from the preparation of the hunting trip till the receiving of trophy by client at home. That's why I don't pledge myself to have more than 6 - 8 hunting trips per year. I personally accompany my clients during their hunting trip.

I work only with the best outfitters whom I personally have known for a long time. This helps me to avoid problems that could arise if a client booked the hunt/trip on his own with Outfitter or other Agency. I routinely perform part of the outfitters responsibilities myself to make certain all aspects of the hunt run smooth.

Sometimes clients will choose a hunt simply based on price. A cheap hunt is not always a wise choice. You get what you pay for usually stands true. My service is worth the difference and my client's success has proven it year after year.

It is standard with all of our hunts to research and assist clients with Visas, travel logistics, airline fare, rifle permits, Veterinary permits, CITIES permits if applicable, licenses, motel, potential health issues, proper trophy care , expediting of trophies into clients country, and the best detailed gear and items list out there.

I am always with the client or group 24 hours a day during the hunt. Many previous clients trust me as a hunting agent and Outfitter/guide, that's why my tours are exclusive.